Michael Shedlock is a professional freelance photographer living in Prairie Grove, Illinios, northwest of Chicago. He has over 85 magazine and/or book cover credits for various magazines including: Country, Wisconsin Trails, Michigan Living, The Chicago Tribune Sunday Supplement, Where Chicago, Browntrout Calendars, Country Woman, Country Extra, Lake Superior Magazine, Home and Away, Illinois Now, Chicagoland Gardening. An 8 page photo spread of his garden appeared in Better Homes and gardens and many of the garden images on these pages are from his own garden.

Mike likes to point out that images in Illinois and Wisconsin are often more subtle than those found in the popular national parks out west. At Yosemite, every photographer stands in the same place and waits for something good to happen. In the Midwest you have to try harder to find compelling images. They are there if you look for them. These web pages contain some of his favorite images.